Museo Expoventa (Caracas, Venezuela 07/09/2014)

Hey guys what’s up? This time I want to share something very different to the usual art reel of art or gif collection I usually post in this blog. Although we are living some tough times in Venezuela we still find time to get some fun. You see, In my country there it’s a very well established fan base of comic readers, action figures collectors and manga and anime enthusiasts and every once in a while we like to gather under one roof and have some quality time. Since Comic Con International hasn’t made a plan to come over our place and set store we get events like the one I had the pleasure to attend this last Sunday.

Museo Expoventa is the initiative of one man called Jesus Yanes (6th picture far right) a man with the sole vision of making geeks in Venezuela an organized group. For this particular event some of the best collectors around the country are called upon to display their collections in a place called “Museo Del Transporte De Caracas" they are given the Hangar space and the display it’s set up for the collectors to show their prized possessions and sell action figures (new or used ones) and to get people to know about this marvelous hobbie. Most of them will receive you in their stands with a smile in their face and will answer every question you might have about being a collector.

You can walk around the floor as many times you like, take pictures to the various items in display, make some friends and even take a picture with a guest cosplayer (I got to punch the Joker this time around!)

Where does this all comes from? easy! It all started with a Facebook group called “Coleccionistas Y Hobbies De Venezuela" in this place we could go and sell or exchange action figures. It quickly grew into more. Currently gathering almost five thousand people. The group sees daily sales of people dealing action figures (new and used) either for sale or to trade them (the economic situation in out country has made trade a possibility to continue in this hobbie) The community also has a few spin- offs like the one for discussion and consulting about collectibles authenticity (Foros de Discusion GCHV) which features some of the most professional opinions you could get about these subjects from collectors all over the country. A group focused on displaying the items of various collections all over Venezuela (Colecciones de Venezuela) and finally a group dedicated to the sale and trade of comic books (Coleccionistas de Comics De Venezuela). It goes without saying that everything in this place It’s from Venezuelans for Venezuelans but if you want to check out what the fuzz it’s about you can come in (they don’t bite) 

I was very happy and surprised with this event. It’s far from being a SDCC, but it’s a great place to be and a more intimate way of hanging with nice people who might have the same interests as you. I just can hope that they get to repeat this again soon!.

Batman ‘66: The Mattel Collection // crafted by Mattel, Photography by Rod Guzman (2014) 

Happy Masters Of The Universe Day! // by Comicsforever and Joe Amato (2014)

Hi there! this is my 4000th post and I wanted it to be special because… well it’s kind of a big deal to me. I started Comics Forever in 2009 and since then it’s been a labor of love, one I keep in a very traditional and classic way even when I come up with new ideas like the Artist Highlights, the Milestone Moments or the Cover Galleries, this little corner of the ‘net is a reflection of the things I love in pop culture past and present, specially about those properties that are very dear to me. Masters Of The Universe has been with me for almost 30 years so imagine my surprise when I found out that in 1987 a politician named Tom Bradley by that time Mayor of California declared this day MOTU day! 

Up to present day He-Man and his pals have had three TV shows, one movie, various runs of great Comic Books and the most important thing of all, the signature of the brand: a LOT of toys! Each en every single one as great as the other. Masters Of The Universe was a very big deal when I was a kid because you didn’t really had a canon continuity to follow the story of the characters, so you had to make up your own, this situation evolved as the animated series where produced and finally with the MOTU classics line a full canon has been provided for every character in this rich universe.

Today I celebrate my 4000th post with this great piece of pop culture. Some of the best characters I have come to know and love and who unlike most shows today, taught me and my generation right from wrong (along the parents of course!)

The artists gracing this post today are: (top to bottom)

  1. Banner by Joe Amato (MOTU customizer extraordinarie)
  2. He-Man and Skeletor art by Santi Casas (2009)
  3. Battle Armor He-Man & Skeletor lines by William George (1984)
  4. Masters Of The Universe painted art by William George (1985)
  5. Masters Of The Universe and the Evil Warriors art by Joe Ng and Espen Grundetjern (2012)
  6. MOTU Classics Action Figures crafted by Mattel photography by Michael Muth (2013)

Thanks for being there my dear followers. I love every single one of you! Without you the effort I put in this blog would be nothing. I’m looking forward to 4000 more posts!


Administrator Of Comics Forever.

Twisted Toyfare Theater: The Falcon’s Origin // by Toyfare (2004)

Part of the strip “The Way We Wuz”.

Best Of The Year - The 2013 Edition

Well! it’s that time of the year again and it took me awhile but I have already made up my mind about what was the ultimate best of the best for me in this year. First of all take into consideration that my approach to each and every pick of this list it’s a very personal one, so there’s no real objectivity here more than the fact that every single item listed here just rocked my world and I want to share it with you guys. Second: remember that I only read superhero books, so sorry if I you don’t see any indies here. This year I will have runner ups for every category and things I’m looking forward next year. As always I’m open to discuss whatever you feel like in the ask box, please read and enjoy!

Best Comic Book Series: Superior Spider-Man (Marvel Comics)


Well this was a though one this year. Not regarding publishers since Marvel and Image are putting out so much quality product while DC has seem to go stale and frozen in the 90’s (a perception it’s not uncommon among some long time fans since DC basically have “The 90’s era” of Marvel’s editorial team making decisions over there). Of the multiples choices I had to pick I’ll risk to say that Superior Spider-man it’s a book that it’s daring to do what most classic comic fans negate: It’s different in every sense of the word. It’s a very classic premise that has been given a totally new spin and it has worked wonders for a character that may have lost some of his shine over the time, not only it’s the book really well written by Dan Slott it has me asking every single issue “what comes next?” and every comic worth his dough should have you making that question.

Book I’m most looking forward in 2014: Saga (Image Comics)


Ok guys I get it. This may be the best comic book ever published in life, I swear I will read it. It will be featured in this blog, I promise. Now please stop hammering my ask box with it, all right?

Best Comic Book Moment: Bruce Mourns Damian Wayne - Batman & Robin #18 (DC Comics)



In a year where a God teared a hole in an architect of the universe with a hammer, A behemoth was calm down from a berserker rage with a bomb of puppies. A year where The King Of The Inhumans cut loose with his power to face the embodiment of death and chaos. A year where Galactus is going wipe the state clean in a whole universe. The best moment, the one that touched my heart was the mourning of a father for his fallen son. I cannot explain how moved I was after reading Batman & Robin #18 but I will confess that I cried my heart out after reading Damian’s last words to his father:


I’m sure you’ll be angry for disobeying you again, but I don’t care. I won’t let you fight Leviathan alone. You Need Me and I will always be at your side.

Because it will be hard for me to say these words face to face. I want you to know that mother may have given me life, but you taught me how to live.

Love and respect.


Sorry guys, no runner up for this one.

Best TV Show: Homeland (Showtime)


This spot should belong to Breaking Bad for a second year in a row, there’s very little anybody can argue to me about the quality of that show. But for the sake of diversity I’m gonna go with my runner up for the top spot this year. Why? because I’m a sucker for any show that relies heavy on continuity and do something wild to get me hooked and asking myself questions about it’s future. In his season finale Homeland went to a point where it got me wondering where the hell is this show going to go now that one of the main characters is out of the picture, plus I drool at the mere sight of Claire Danes. Oh… and before anyone asks me: nope I’m not into “The Walking Dead”, nope I don’t like Zombies, and Yeah i know I’m the only one.

Runner-Up: Mad Men (AMC)


Always a reminder that despise being set in simpler times, the world has always been a complicated place. This show never fails to deliver in quality and this year was no exception.

Best Movie: Man Of Steel (Warner Brothers/Legendary Pictures/DC Comics)


Another year went by and again we had a summer cluttered with Superhero films, this time DC takes the top spot home with the beginning of his attempt to create a “movie-verse” similar to what Marvel has being doing for the last few years (very successfully). I’ve heard a lot of criticism toward this film. After reading the 5th or 6th critic I said to myself “screw this noise”. This is not only a good Superman film, this a very epic superhero story! it shows the defining traits of a classic character to a whole new audience, it gets rid of the nonsense and it grounds the character to the 21 century. It was great for a first try DC and you have me hooked waiting for what you are going to do next in the upcoming Batman Vs Superman film in 2015.

Runner-Up: Thor: The Dark World (Marvel/Disney/Paramount)


A great returning cast, a compelling story, good script. Why this wan’t the top pick? I got the same sensation I have after eating a Big Mac with this movie, sure I may not be hungry anymore but I know it’s not going to last until I get some real food. Thor was a pretty awesome film, but Man of Steel was just a tad better.

Album Of The Year: Dream Theater - Self Titled  (Road Runner Records)


Music is the most subjective item on this list, always has been for me personally. I find myself enjoying odd proposals while the most popular ones pass right in front of me without me ever noticing. However I have one mindset that has helped me center and focus regarding any given music proposal: If I can listen one band’s album in one sitting without me skipping a single song, then the band’s music is awesome. This happened with a very high number of albums this year, but the ones I get back to more are the top spot and the two runner ups I’m listing here. Dream Theater has been a long time in the game, but they sound better than ever and this album is solid proof of it. 

Runner-Up 1: Dance Gavin Dance: Acceptance Speech (Rise Records)


Dance Gavin Dance managed to ask the question: “What do we do now that our frontman is gone?” with a huge and delightful “We make the band sound better”, for this release out is Jonny Craig (who is a good chap and very good singer) in is Tilian Pearson (former singer of Tide Of Man). The result? one hell of an album.

Runner-Up 2: Man Of Steel OST (Warner Music)


Hans Zimmer had some big shoes to fill, he’s the guy who had to come up with a theme that defined the ultimate Superhero in this world, a piece of music that defined a character so much that you could actually know who this song was related to when you hear it out anywhere, you know… what John Williams managed to do so many years ago. This entire score is epic and beautiful. The sole crafting of this music was a process that took the team up of the most talented cords and percussionists that the man could find. The final result it’s the track named “What are you going to do when you are not saving them” the one that it will be labeled now and forever the new “Superman’s song”. Good job Hans!

Videogame Of The Year: Grand Theft Auto V (Rockstar Games)


Like if there is any other choice. Three main characters each as charismatic as the next one, a great story, details that will blow your fucking mind. If there is one game that it true has everything is this one. There’s nothing I can say to praise this game that hasn’t been told a million times already by everybody else. Other than the cash invested on the development of it shows in every sense of the word.

Runner-Up: Batman: Arkham Origins (Warner Games)


Third time is a charm? Not when every game of the saga in consistently good and The Batman Arkham Trilogy has delivered in every sense with each game. This one of course was no exception. 

Action Figure Of The Year: Transformers Generations Titan Class: Metroplex (Hasbro)


If you where a kid during the first generation of Transformers you know there was guy out there called “Metroplex: Autobot City” whose toy didn’t do him any justice at all at the time. 30 years later as technology and engineering in toys has improved by leaps and bounds, we finally get the perfect representation of the biggest autobot ever (only guy bigger than him it’s Unicron, but he’s a god damn planet), this guy is over 28 inches in robot mode and he transforms into a battle station (very similar to a Hellicarrier) or a city. He even has articulated fingers. He’s detailed like no other Transformer you’ll ever have in your collection and he’s just merely over the 100$ bucks mark. You wanna show off with your transformers collection? you have this guy front and center and that’s it.



Play Arts Kai it’s been killing my wallet with each new release. Their version of Henry Cavil’s Man Of Steel was way better than the one Mattel released as part of the Movie Masters line (if you are into maximum articulation like me) all in all this was a great action figure!

Robocop - Moviemasters Series Diecast (1/6 Premium Action Figure) // crafted by Hot Toys (2013) 

So this is what perfection looks like…

Upcoming DC Collectibles for Sale // crafted by DC Collectibles (2013)

The Dark Knight: The Rock Sessions // picture by Triton (2013)

The Dark Knight: The Rock Sessions // picture by Triton (2013)

Superman: Last Son // crafted by DC Direct (2008)
Action Figures based on the art of Adam Kubert.

Superman: Last Son // crafted by DC Direct (2008)

Action Figures based on the art of Adam Kubert.

Transformers Generations - Titan Class: Metroplex // crafted by Hasbro (2013)