Breaking Bad: This Is The End! // pictures by Entertainment Weekly (2013)

Never has a show achieved such a level of success and praise in such a short amount of time. Hollywood has always romanticized the perception of the bad guy who gets away with it and lives a life happily ever after. In Vince Gilligan masterpiece never a bad deed went unpunished even if it was done for the best of reasons in the eyes of these characters. This TV Show was pure gold in every single of the 62 episodes produced in his 5-year run. It’s worth thousands of re-watches since  you’ll always get a new meaning from every word and action said or done by Walt, Jesse or anyone uttering a line of dialog on the screen.

This show was not only smart. It also managed to put the viewer on the shoes of a man with an every day predicament that could very well be yours one day: In a world where CEO’s, Politicians and Drug lords get richer and richer by the minute and the common man is forced to work his ass off just to manage basic survival for himself and his family, what is left to do? For Walt is was all about getting the best of his modest life until Cancer hit him. Whit an unexpected baby on the way and only six months to live he does what every man with his knowledge and sets of skills would do to provide for his family: he goes to the point of no return and becomes a very bad person. 

Walt’s intentions where pure and noble, hell in early seasons he made you put a brake on your moral compass!. But every choice he made took him away from his ultimate goal and drove him into an unending spiral of greed. In the end not only does he loses his family and friends but also his whole purpose and all the money he did to leave for them. There’s no redemption for Walt now since he died a long time ago… and only Heisenberg remains.

If you haven’t watched this show, do yourself a favor. It will be done by this Sunday and you’ll be able to get the whole tale on one sitting; it relies heavy on continuity but it’s worth every single minute of it. When the more popular reviewers refer to this time as the golden era of Television they usually refer to heavy hitters like The Wire, The Sopranos and now Breaking Bad… Because it is Damn Good!.

So Long Walt and Jesse! you’ll be missed!

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