Artist Highlight: Adi Granov (2012)

Man this is a though one, how can I describe the art of this guy without sounding like a complete utter fanboy? the shortest answer is that I can’t. Allow me to explain myself. As you can see, Adi here is a very talented artist, he’s credited with a couple of things you may have heard of, like “The Marvel hero arrival pose” (see Iron Man there, he was the first to do it kids!) and the second one is Iron Man’s current look. That’s right: he has worked as a designer for both Iron Man movies. Maybe that’s not what is releveant about Adi, but you just have to take a closer look to see what Im talking about.

Adi Granov’s characters looks powerful and imposing, they intimidate you and they could very well be real people, he has flawless anatomy on his work, yet every piece he does gives his well deserved compliment to the super hero universe he’s representing. He’s also an in-demand guy: Marvel has hired him to do art for about anything in the last couples of years. From the “Wolverine & The X-Men” DVD collection cover, to the “Marvel Vs Capcom 3” American box art.

He’s also not shy to share some of his secrets as you can read on his website Adi creates his art producing rough sketches digitally. Once a final layout has been decided on, he tightens up the sketch and prints it out. He then uses a light box to transfer the sketch onto paper. he usually prefers smooth cotton paper like Fabriano or Arches watercolour boards, at a size of 10”x15”. He then creates the piece using pencil, his current weapons of choice are a 2mm lead holder and a mechanical pencil, both 2B, and ink, including fine liners and brush pens. For washes he uses watercolour or gouache, and occasionally use Copic markers, particularly for metallic surfaces. Once the piece is finished in greyscale, he then scan it into the computer and colour it digitally using Photoshop.

Grace your senses with Adi Granov art, I’m pretty sure your eyes will thank you for the experience!

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