Death of a Hero // artwork by Kaan Demircelik (2014)

Museo Expoventa (Caracas, Venezuela 07/09/2014)

Hey guys what’s up? This time I want to share something very different to the usual art reel of art or gif collection I usually post in this blog. Although we are living some tough times in Venezuela we still find time to get some fun. You see, In my country there it’s a very well established fan base of comic readers, action figures collectors and manga and anime enthusiasts and every once in a while we like to gather under one roof and have some quality time. Since Comic Con International hasn’t made a plan to come over our place and set store we get events like the one I had the pleasure to attend this last Sunday.

Museo Expoventa is the initiative of one man called Jesus Yanes (6th picture far right) a man with the sole vision of making geeks in Venezuela an organized group. For this particular event some of the best collectors around the country are called upon to display their collections in a place called “Museo Del Transporte De Caracas" they are given the Hangar space and the display it’s set up for the collectors to show their prized possessions and sell action figures (new or used ones) and to get people to know about this marvelous hobbie. Most of them will receive you in their stands with a smile in their face and will answer every question you might have about being a collector.

You can walk around the floor as many times you like, take pictures to the various items in display, make some friends and even take a picture with a guest cosplayer (I got to punch the Joker this time around!)

Where does this all comes from? easy! It all started with a Facebook group called “Coleccionistas Y Hobbies De Venezuela" in this place we could go and sell or exchange action figures. It quickly grew into more. Currently gathering almost five thousand people. The group sees daily sales of people dealing action figures (new and used) either for sale or to trade them (the economic situation in out country has made trade a possibility to continue in this hobbie) The community also has a few spin- offs like the one for discussion and consulting about collectibles authenticity (Foros de Discusion GCHV) which features some of the most professional opinions you could get about these subjects from collectors all over the country. A group focused on displaying the items of various collections all over Venezuela (Colecciones de Venezuela) and finally a group dedicated to the sale and trade of comic books (Coleccionistas de Comics De Venezuela). It goes without saying that everything in this place It’s from Venezuelans for Venezuelans but if you want to check out what the fuzz it’s about you can come in (they don’t bite) 

I was very happy and surprised with this event. It’s far from being a SDCC, but it’s a great place to be and a more intimate way of hanging with nice people who might have the same interests as you. I just can hope that they get to repeat this again soon!.

Captain America // artwork by Gene Ha (2002)

Gene Ha about this art:

My 2003 covers for Captain America issues #17#18 & #19 and my 2002 Captain America #50 cover.

The 2002 cover was one of two covers I did before the 9/11 attacks that weirdly presaged the attacks. I felt quite creeped out to see when the cover came out next year that I’d presented Cap marching off to fight in response to Pearl Harbor and jets and explosions over a skyscraper.

The Sentry Vs Ares // artwork by by Olivier Copiel (2010)

The Sentry Kill Ares the God of War in “The Siege #2”


Marvel’s enlisting its biggest super heroes to bring added awareness of the problems of bullying. This October, Marvel will join forces with STOMP Out Bullying™, the leading national bullying and cyberbullying prevention organization for kids and teens in the U.S., to launch a special variant cover program to commemorate National Bullying Prevention Month and support STOMP’s relentless efforts to stop this growing epidemic.

Throughout the month of October, the world’s most popular super heroes – Captain America, the Avengers, the Guardians of the Galaxy and more – will be featured on all-new variant covers to spotlight both National Bullying Prevention Month and STOMP’s Blue Shirt Day® World Day of Bullying Prevention. The variant issues will be available exclusively at comic shops.

The following comic books, on-sale in October, will feature special STOMP Out Bullying variant covers: 

  • HULK #7


Now this is a fine initiative! I applaud it and I hope to see more of this!

Batman: The Animated Series // artwork by Rodolfo Reyes (2014)

Batman: The Animated Series // artwork by Rodolfo Reyes (2014)

Marvel Babies // artwork by Skottie Young (2014)

Team Marvel Babies Concept by Skottie Young. For more about this artist you can check: Deviant Art - Tumblr - Twitter

The Guardians Of The Galaxy // by Marvel Studios (2014)

The Grey Ghost : The Lost Reel // directed by Jake Topkis (2014)

Based on characters from Batman The Animated Series! 

The ABC’s Of Wolverine // artwork by Sean Gordon Murphy (2010)